Neil Kienitz

Kienitz Neil is one of the premier artists in the Great Lakes
region of the United States. His studio gallery and
home are located in "dune country" along the southern
shore of Lake Michigan.
Through watercolor art he thoughtfully depicts the joys
of music, childhood, and human kindness — and the
windswept dunes landscapes.
Neil is an acclaimed portrait artist and illustrator who is
well known for the subtle timelessness of emotions he
captures in his paintings, posters, and illustrations for
children's literature.

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View From The Boatyard


View From The Boatyard




"My interest in art began at a very early age. In fact, I was serious about it at the age of six and within the next few years had decided that I would be an artist when I grew up. That early passion has never faded. However, I had several other jobs along the way—working in the construction department at Bethlehem Steel, teaching guitar, doing display work at Sears, and doing free-lance cartooning. I was also painting, primarily in watercolor, during all this time, but finally made the decision to do fine art full-time.

Being virtually self taught, I have exhibited in many art fairs, juried exhibitions, galleries, and one-man and group shows. Teaching art has also been a major involvement for me. Recently, my interests have expanded to include children’s book illustration and other fantasy work for children. I am also one of eight artists producing posters relating to the South Shore, the last electric
interurban railroad in the U.S. It runs between South Bend, Indiana and Chicago. These posters are agreat mix of commercial and fine art.

I fervently believe that my work and the work of all artists should reflect his or her beliefs, values, ideals, and concepts of beauty…that art ideally should relate more to the spirit than to the eye. Integrity must be the cornerstone of our work. Further, good artwork must be competent. That is, it must embody the highest standards of technique, composition and design. When any of these areas suffer, a wall is built between the viewer and the work, excluding all possibility of any meaningful communication. When they are done well, however, the viewer is invited into the artist’s world and is impacted by a caring attitude. An artist must really care."



Over 90 national and regional awards including:

Award of Excellence (top award, twice), Midwest Watercolor Society’s Annual National Exhibition
Special Merit Award (twice), Midwest Watercolor Society’s Annual National Exhibition
Over 30 Best of Show or First Place Awards
Signature Membership in the Midwest Watercolor Society



Wausau Insurance Co. Corporate Collection, Wausau, Wisconsin
Marshall Field Co., Chicago, Illinois
Amoco Oil Co. Corporate Collection
Valparaiso University, Valparaiso, Indiana
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur G. Hansen, (former president, Purdue University)
Oak Brook Bank, Oak Brook, Illinois
Jaymar Ruby, Inc.
Mercantile National Bank, Hammond, Indiana
Michigan City High School
Macomb County Bank, East Detroit, Michigan
Tippecanoe County Courthouse, Lafayette, Indiana
Borg-Warner Corporation, Chicago, Illinois
Michigan City Chamber of Commerce
Alliance Bank, Michigan City, Indiana