Peter Esdaile

Montreal, Canada born 1947



Esdaile’s work has been characterized by colorful and energetic paintings, graphics and sculptures, with numerous exhibitions , private and museum collections throughout Europe and Scandinavia. With a background in modernist abstract art from the 40s and 50s, and the classical figurative, Esdaile’s works are an energetic synthesis of composition and spontaneity, Apollonian order and Dionysian chaos.

His works feature beautifully rendered figures of people, animals and nature in a free floating blend of architecture and gestural painting techniques that are woven together to create organic surrealist images of contemporary life, pop culture, history and myths.

As a Norwegain artist, based in both the US and Norway, Esdaile’s influences are a mix of West and East, everyday life and mysticism. Esdaile’s narratives are often inspired by recognizable historical events, past and present, seen through the prism of the archetypal expression. These works create scenes that are symbolic places where contemporary life blends with the timelessly human. The result can be both strikingly vivid and poetic.

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The Little Sage


The Little Sage




The Shaman


The Shaman



Quan Yin


Quan Yin






The Dream

The Dream



The Dryad

The Dryad





Young Artists Association, Oslo 1971
Oslo Art Union, 1972
Kunstnerforbundet, Oslo 1974
Art Unions of Bergen, Trondheim, Stavanger, Haugesund 1975-78
Gallery F15 1976 and 1977
Munch Museum 1977: “Dream,Danse and Reality”
Gallery Riis, Trondheim 1980
Bildgalleriet, Varberg,Sweden, 1990
Gallery JMS, Oslo,1992
Hå gamle Prestegard, 1992
Gallery Uffizi, 2000
Gallery F-15, 2002: “Incendium” (sculptures and drawings)
Hå Gamle Pestegard, 2003: ”Incendium”(sculptures and drawings)
Gallery Siverts, Bergen, 2004 (Paintings)
Bærum Kulturhus, 2004 (Sculptures and drawings)
Trondhjems Kunstforening, 2005 (Paintings)
Gallery Steen, Oslo, 2005 (Paintings)
Art Union of Kristiansund, 2006 (Paintings)
Haugesund Billedgalleri, 2007 (Paintings)
Gulden Kunstverk, Steinberg, opening: March10, 2007 (Paintings)
Bærum Kunstforening, opening November 10, 2007 (Paintings)
Sandefjord Kunstforening, September 2008. (Paintings)
Voksenåsen Galleri, 2009: “Mysterier” basert på K. Hamsun (Paintings)
Galleri Osebro, January 2010: “Meditations”
Gulden Kunstverk, October 2011: “Reisebrev”
Bærum Kunstforening, January 2013: “Myths and Dreams” (Paintings & Sculptures)
Rød Gamle Herregård, Halden, June 2014: “Windows in Time” (Paintings)
Ålesund Kunstforening, September 2014: “Windows in Time” (Paintings)
Gulden Kunstverk, January 2015: “Echoes from an Inner Journey” (Paintings)
Haugar Vestfold Kunstmuseum, May-August 2015: “Windows in Time” (Paintings & Sculpture
Levanger Kunstforening, September 2015: (Title Undecided)



National Gallery
Bærum Kommune
Oslo Kommunes Kunstsamlinger
Norwegian Cultural Council
The Dep. Of Justice, Bonn, W. Germany
Stavanger Faste Galleri
Eskilstuna Art Union, Sweden
Nordic House, Reykjavik
Brandts Klædefabrikk, Odense, Danmark
“Hamsunfantasier” Sparebanksstiftelsen, 2009
“Midnight Rescue” innkjøpt til stiftelsen Haugars venner, 2015



Aksel Waldemars Minnepris, 2014



“Norwegian Contemporary Painting”, West Germany, England and Austria 1975.
“Criticism and Realism” Gallery F15 1977-78.
”Deviris” Gallery F15 1984.
“Deviris” The Nordic House, Reykjavik 1986.
“Flash” Copenhagen, Denmark 1991.
“Duo-works” Århus Kunstbygning 1992.
“Flash” Copenhagen, Denmark 1993.
“Duo-works” Bergen Kunstforening 1994,Hå Gamle Prestegard, Stavanger 1994 and Christiansand kunstforening 1995.
“Høylys & Dybtryk”, Photogravure in Scandinavia.
Brandts Klædefabrik Odense, Stenersenmusset Oslo, Houston, Grafikens Hus, Stockholm and Galeen Kalevala, Helsinki, 1994.
“Allegorier” Group Exhibit, Drammen Kunstmuseum, September 2008 (Paintings).
“Hamsunfantasier” Trondhjems Kunstforening, 2009-2010, med bla. a. Håkon Bleken, Killi Olsen, Sverre Bjertnes, Marianne Bratteli, Harald Fenn etc.
Group show Gallery Clase, London, 2011.
Lillesand Kunstforening
Gamle Ormelet, Summer Exhibit, June 2015: “Gjenbruk, Nytt Liv”
Eidsfos Brug, June 2015: “Min hemmelige have”



Ringstabekk Secondary School 1973
Østerås Chapel 1974
Den Norske Bank 1977
Court of Justice, Tromsø 1989
Chapel, Preclinical Institute, Vinderen 1990
Decorations commissioned by Kloster Cruise Line, Silversea Cruises and Royal Caribbean Cruise Line from 1995 to 2002
Godthåb Rehabilitation Center, Bærum 1995
Directory of Employment, Directors Office, 1995
Bekkestua Library, Bærum 1995
Hotel Continental , Annen Etage, Oslo 1998
Bethany Hospital, Bergen 2004
Ringstabekk Secondary School 2005-2006
Solbakken Nursing Home (sculpture) 2008
Innovation Center Sandvika 2014
International Corporate Art 2015
Vestfold Municipal Building 2016



State Fellowship, 1976-78 and 1990-93
Oslo City’s Grant 1981
National Drawing Competition, First Prize, 1984
Ingrid Langaard’s Grant 1994
Copyright Fund Grant 2003
Copyright Fund Grant 2008



Norwegian Artist’s Association
Association of Draftsmen
Norwegian Printmakers
The Norwegian Sculptor’s Association


Professor in the State Art Academy of Bergen, 1989-90
Professor in the State Art Academy of Trondheim in 1990
Professor the State Art Academey of Oslo
Visiting Professor in Oslo Tverrfaglige Kunstinstitutt


City Hall, Bærum 1992-1993
Hovseterhjemmet, Oslo Kommune 1997
Stovner Highschool 1997-1998


Egypt, Tanzania, Kenya, Morocco, Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, England, Greece, USA and Canada.
NORDGRAFIA Symposium of Experimental Printmaking, Gotland 1996
SIMPPETRA, Stonecarving Symposium,
Caldas da Rainha, Portugal, 2002


Kolloen, Ingar Sletten & Olsson, Tommy, Hamsun Fantasier. Oslo: Press, 2009
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